Complimentary Herb Guide

Herbal Medicine Ebook: Your Essential Guide to Medicinal Plants

Embark on a journey through the world of medicinal plants with Melts Infusions' exclusive eBook. This free guide is your entryway into understanding the intricate composition, unique properties, and numerous health benefits of nature's most potent herbs.

Whether you're navigating challenging times or seeking holistic ways to enhance your wellness, our eBook is a must-have resource. Learn about the key ingredients used in Melts Infusions supplements and how these natural solutions can support your health and well-being. Download now and start transforming your approach to health with the wisdom of herbs....

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Meet The Founder Of Melts

Hi, I’m Sanaz!

The founder of Melts Infusions, with a background in health sciences and biomedical engineering, sought natural alternatives to manage anxiety and depression, diverging from traditional antidepressants.

Inspired by Ayurvedic teachings, they crafted herbal blends, starting with a homemade peace tea that evolved into Melts Infusions' range of herbal tinctures, aiming to offer natural solutions for stress and anxiety relief.

I had back spasms and took some of the night oil. It definitely helped me relax. I was taking 0.5ml and ended up doubling the dosage but its been helping me especially with sleep.

— Torrey Craig